Experience by itself is not sufficient: intuition in leadership has to be optimised systematically

Efficient Coaching originates from our psyche. Modern neurobiological research shows that we are not able to decide and act without our emotions. We are equipped with a big amount of ´emotional capital´. Emotional experiences are a gift from our evolution but modern men and women underutilise this source of information as a guide in their decision making- and when they do look at the important functions of our emotions is not done so systematically. We can reactivate this highly intelligent navigational system and develop our intuition. Intuition functions very fast and serves to orientate us complex situations. Strategic Coaching optimises this navigation system. It enables/ allows a more flexible, target-oriented and faster way to make decisions.  

  • Obtaining a new leadership position too slow or too fast
  • Problems in communication and connecting with co-workers, teams and management
  • Team members with high staff turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism
  • Heightened emotional arousal in stressful situations
  • Personalizing failures
  • Fulfilling role expectations set by management
  • Difficulties in developing power, confidence and setting limits
  • Loss of status and management support  
  • Interpersonal problems or critical life events
  • Inflexibility with change