Embodied Leadership

The successful leadership of employees in a permanently changing work culture of competition requires leaders to constantly reflect and adapt their leadership style. The interventional architecture of the embodied leadership method presents body signals as information givers and as a display in a central role in changing team situation. Therefore the leader is able to recognize faster team problems based on hidden emotions thereby relieving team blocks, and increasing employee satisfaction. Therefore it is possible to re-manufacture the motivational willingness of your team. Thus the door opens for the improvement of your whole team’s potential.


Leadership seminar

As a leader you learn how to make your leadership style more precise and authentic. You will have greater success in learning how to react appropriately for different needs in the team. The gained strategies build the base for a flexible and purposeful performance. At the same time your own performance capability and health will obtain long-term benefits. 

Durance:  2,5 days
coaches:  2
price:  1750 € per participant
venue:  after consultation