Dr. Gernot Hauke

Dr. Gernot Hauke

Mail: g.hauke@era-europa.com

Professional background

  • Diploma in Psychology and Chemistry (TU and LMU Munich)
  • Scientific employee at the department projects for work and research (TU Munich)
  • Extra occupational promotion for the application of psychological risk research
  • Qualification as a behavioral therapist with governmental approbation 'Psychological Psychotherapist'
  • Supervisor and lecturer
  • Guest researcher at Ulm University


  • Occupation as management coach, lecturer, trainer, supervisor and therapist
  • Founder and manager of the Coaching Academy CIP
  • Numerous occupations as a lecturer in academic and private education institutions
  • Empirical research and development of concepts for therapy and coaching with expertise: emotion research and ‘Embodied Cognition’
  • Author of numerous reports
  • Development of programs regarding health prevention and palliative medicine